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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to customer questions that I regularly receive about websites, web design, search engine optimization, and more.

If you don't see your question in the list, give me a call. I'm happy to answer your questions, and don't worry, I'm not going to pressure you. My goal is to give you the best information I can so you can make the best decision for your business. Choosing a website developer is a big decision and I understand that, so no pressure. Just answers.

If you just want to talk about your project, call or text me at (207) 337-0313.

(Yes, I actually pick up the phone.)

How much does a website cost?

Without a doubt, this is the number one question. Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. The price depends on what you need done and how long it takes. The average brand new website takes a minimum of 40 hours. However, down & dirty, very simple sites can be squeaked out in about 20 hours. Complex sites that include database work, advanced SEO or e-commerce usually take 100 hours or more. My rate is $125/hr.

How are payments structured?

I require a 50% deposit for projects. I keep track of every time I work on your project, including the date, how long I worked, and a description of what was done. The final payment is due in order to launch the project for the world to see. The final payment is for the exact amount of hours spent, minus your deposit. You get exactly what you pay for and I get paid for the amount of time I spend. I've found this to be the most fair way to bill.

How long will my project take?

The amount of hours your project will take depends on your parameters, specifications, and other requirements. The turnaround time to deliver a finished project can be as quick as a few weeks to as long as many months. I'm usually the one waiting for the client to provide content, respond to questions, provide critiques and edits, etc. If you have all your content in order and know exactly what you want for a website, it can be pretty quick.

Who owns the rights?

You own the rights to use any of my work in any way, except for reselling it. Meaning if I created a bunch of icons for you, that's with the expectation that you use them on your website or other marketing collateral. If you were to resell those icons on an art website, that would be a problem. Most people have no intention of doing anything like that, so it's generally not an issue. If you sell your business, the same rights extend to the purchaser.

Can we meet?

I'm happy to meet with you in whatever convenient way we can. I'm located in Kennebunkport, Maine and I have regular meetings with clients as far away as Boston. I find that email really works best for most communications because it allows us to revisit those messages if necessary. Sometimes a phone call works best to sort out pesky problems like website errors. I can do online face-to-face meetings, like Zoom. I'll even take a plane to your area for a meeting.

What's the development process?

After initial consultations, I provide a contract based on all the requirements and estimated hours that we agree to. Once I receive the signed contract and deposit, I begin work. While working on your site, you can monitor my progress to provide instruction. When you say it's done, I wrap up loose ends like final code clean ups and provide you with the final bill. Once that's paid, I will launch your project and provide a final review on the live site.

What about website content?

Usually, content is provided by the client and is expected to be finalized. I review it as I add it into your site, stylize it, and fix any obvious errors that I notice. I'm an excellent content editor. If you need help creating content, I can help with that too. I write solid copy for most situations, but if you need someone who is an expert in a particular field or focus, I know people in the industry, and I can help find the right person for your project.

What happens when it's finished?

Well, to be honest, a website is never really 'finished'. Most companies continually add, edit and delete content, pages, and other features fairly regularly. I'm happy to make content changes for you or show you how to make those edits yourself. If you have WordPress, I can keep it running fast and secure for you. I bill website maintenance by the hour, and invoice it once monthly. On small projects, for regular clients, I don't require a cash deposit.

My site is broken. Can you help?

Absolutely! Don't panic. When a site breaks, it's usually a simple problem that I can troubleshoot and fix quickly. If you updated your WordPress site and it crashed, I can get it working again in fairly short order 99% of the time. If you have a database site and it's throwing errors, I can straighten that out too. Troubleshooting code is a tedious process, like tracing a short in complex electrical wiring. I'm here to help, so give me a call.

Do you have references?

Of course! I'd suggest checking out my home page, which contains reviews from clients, descriptions of services I provide, and links to recent projects I've completed. After nearly 25 years in the business, I've solved a lot of problems and made a lot of businesses money. Inevitably, a few of them have failed or flown the coup. That's business and I don't take it personally. I'm always looking forward and people who know me will defintely vouch for me.

What industries do you serve?

The list of industries I haven't worked for would be shorter, lol. I really specialize in developing sites and database features for industrial and manufacturing companies. I have designed hundreds of sites in that industry. I have built countless sites for many other business types such as e-commerce and retail, B2B, Professional Services, Hospitality (restaurant and hotel), Education, Municipal, Real Estate, Medical, Construction, Energy, Tech, & more.

Can you help me with Google?

Sure I can. I have seen every search engine optimization fad come and go, and the thing that always worked best, still does: great content. I can modify your site so that Google values the content it contains as much as possible. This is called Technical SEO, and it involves things like making your site work great and fast on smartphones and other best practices. I can also help you develop new content and market yourself on social media, which helps you with Google.

What next?

Call or text Del at (207) 337-0313 to discuss your needs. No pressure. No obligation.