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    Finally, a little about some of my website services

    My method is straight-forward and is geared to make the process as easy as possible on you. I’ve designed successfully branded sites for every industry and I prefer semi-minimalist layouts that are intuitive and easy to digest. The user is always the center of my focus when making design decisions.

    I help clients achieve their business goals and objectives through on & off page optimization plus technical optimization. My services include site improvements such as download speed, mobile compatibility and proper content heirarchy plus in-link building by developing new content and features.

    Providing new information, blog posts, or promotions keeps your audience engaged and interested in your brand. This helps to increase the time users spend on your site, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately leads to conversions and sales. Maintenance also ensures your site remains secure & functional.

    If your company needs a flexible, scalable, user-friendly, and highly customizable website platform, WordPress is the perfect choice. In short, it can help you grow your online presence and it can be used to create the simplest of sites to the most complex e-commerce websites complete with custom database applications.

    However, you don’t need to spend extra money on a database site, WordPress or other bells & whistles. If you need a basic business card type of site and only plan to update the content once in a while, static website development is a great way for a new business to get a great looking site at an entry-level price.

    A secure website is crucial to your business reputation. For example, if your site collects sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or personal addresses, it’s critical to take proactive steps to secure your data. I have the expertise and experience to protect your site and your clients’ info too.