There's a div named main
That works the same
As the main element
But is less elegant
And slightly more pain

If a developer you seek
Cause your site needs a tweak
Pick up the phone and call
If you need a designer
To make your site finer
Just pick up the phone and call
If your site's not on Google
And your budget's gotta be frugal
Pick up the phone and call
When you're done breaking it more
I'll fix it without making you poor
Just pick up the phone and call


Traffic is zero
Website optimization
Phone is ringing now

Refresh is magic
Broken a moment ago
F5 and it's fixed

Before updating
Complete database backup
Disable plugins

If condition's met
Then execute a function
Or else do nothing

Great in Firefox
Not so great in Explorer
Simplify the code

Spam in my email
Coming from my website form

World Wide Web Consortium
Standards. Compliant.

Website or web site?
Website if you ask Google.
Web site is old school.

Error, code error
How you elude and persist
Call The Web Agent

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