There are jerks out there who just want to ruin your day.

If you have Wordpress or other CMS, you should understand this.

83% of hacked sites are running Wordpress. Hackers like popular CMS systems because when they find a vulnerability in one site it probably exists in many sites, ie. more targets to hack. There are some easy steps that can be taken to secure your site, don't worry.

To begin with, regular backups are a must. There are various services out there to automatically backup your Wordpress site, such as Blogvault. The most important thing to do after that is keep the CMS up to date! The first time I work on a new site that has a CMS, it almost always contains out of date plug-ins and core files. While updating can cause your CMS to occasionally break, that's no reason to leave your site vulnerable to hacking. If updates are done correctly, catastrophic failure rarely happens. If it does happen I can usually easily fix those types of breaks easy enough. When that fails, that's why we have backups in the first place.


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Form email spam

A common complaint I get from site owners is about how much spam mail they started getting from their new site or that they get responses to emails they never sent in the first place. This is often caused by website forms that aren't configured securely, which allows bad guys to manipulate them to perform functions you didn't intend, like sending out bulk spam to whomever they choose.

I employ a technique I haven't seen many others use: Psychology. Hacking is often an ego thing which is easily manipulated. Most times when someone detects a bad guy trying to break into a site they warn them or block the IP or something like that. I prefer to send the bad guy right into a rabbit hole that he can wallow in. The idea is to make them think they are accomplishing some hack, when in reality they are doing nothing. It's kind of like keeping the phone scammer talking so he can't call someone else to scam them.

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