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Did you know your web site can do much more than sell whatever it is that you do?

Your site can make your life easier with tools designed to automate some repetitive task you have to do all the time, or by sorting through your data to give you insight into trends, or with custom email tools for you to contact clients, just to name a few. Website Apps can be really simple or extremely complex. My website apps work perfectly on a smartphone without the need for any extra programming or other costs.


I code these types of tools with PHP/MySql, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3. Most hosting plans work just fine for my apps. Contact me to learn more.

I built an app for a chemical company that prints different sized labels for product containers, saves documents in multiple locations, saves order information and prints shipping documents from an easy to use console. Using PHP I was able to make a dynamic QR code system that saved a lot of company time because they had been creating these codes manually prior. While a large custom application like that may be pricey, it's something used across multiple departments, integrates with multiple websites and allows customers to retrieve their documents. All while meeting strict government regulations because they are in the chemical industry.

Another app I made very recently is much simpler, but very useful and it's getting lots of use right out of the gate. It's one of those vehicle selectors, where you pick the Year, Make, Model and so on. Once a vehicle is selected, the user can then get a salvage price, based on vehicle weight. I also made a duplicate of this app with an API in place of the MySql database.

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