...and Cross Browser Compatibility

In a nutshell, RWD is a method of coding web pages so that they layout properly on more devices and screen sizes.

This is easier said than done sometimes, especially on sites that have complicated user interface layouts or large data tables. I use a framework called Bootstrap, which was developed by Twitter to encourage their products to be consistent and to focus on mobile devices first. Bootstrap is available for use on any website and is one of the most popular used frameworks today.

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To view simulations of your site on popular devices, enter your URL at ScreenFly.


I code websites with PHP/MySql, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3...often with Bootstrap. Most hosting plans work just fine for the sites I develop. Contact me to learn more.

Browser Compatibility

Today, it's much easier to make sites that work consistently in more browsers because of standards that were set years ago. Browser developers have adhered to these standards at varying degrees though some try to push the envelope more than others, so sometimes there's a little give & take to make layouts exactly the same. I remember having to fight to make huge graphical and table based websites work on Netscape 4.7 and old versions of Internet Explorer. Yuck.

Check your site

There's a few sites out there that offer previews of your site on different browsers. Check Google for places to preview your site.

It can be a little tricky to get layouts just right when there are differences on both browser compatibility and device size. Years of experience, expert troubleshooting skills, and understanding of current trends gives me insight into what to do to fix blemishes that only happen some of the time for some of the people.

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