Integrate your site with services & data from outside sources

Popular websites like Shopify, Google, Twitter, Facebook, USPS, PayPal, and many more offer APIs (Application Programming Interface) that deliver content, functionality and other rich features to your website.

I integrate these services with website apps and databases to develop robust interactions and experiences for users. For example, I made a site that was a bit of a cross between MeetUp and Facebook, with a sports based theme. This system relied on the Facebook JavaScript SDK for log-in and Graph API for user information and connections and to make posts and events on Facebook.

Another example I developed recently is a vehicle selector, where you pick the Year, Make, Model and so on. Once a vehicle is selected, the user gets a salvage price, based on the vehicle's weight. This was created with JavaScript and the VinAudit API.


I code these types of tools with PHP/MySql, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3. Most hosting plans work just fine for my apps. Contact me to learn more.

3rd Party Apps

Looking to install a CMS (content management system) like Wordpress? That's what I'm here for. I install and customize Wordpress with a fresh design or purchased theme and add your logo, text, photos and other content to create a site that you can update yourself. If you already have Wordpress and need to redesign or update it, add a new plug-in, or make any other adjustments, you came to the right place because I do that type of work for quite a few clients. Have a snippet of code from Constant Contact or elsewhere that you need to plug into your site but you aren't sure exactly where it should be placed or what to do? Not a problem, I understand the mechanics of your website and will quickly and seamlessly get your add-ons integrated.

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