Web Design Services

What's my game?

Custom Web Design

We've all heard the cliché 'think outside the box'. The truth is, most websites today are literally boxes within boxes. Who said responsive web design has to be so boring anyway? I create unique, smart & compelling website layouts that display properly on all browsers & devices.

Search Engine Optimization

A boost in search engine rankings will increase your website traffic which leads to more sales. I use these techniques to improve website rankings on Google: proper coding & site structure, unique copy, social media activity, incoming links & Adwords. Monthly reporting available.

Custom Website App Development

Website apps work on a smartphone without the need to install an iPhone or Android app. If you engage site users with custom widgets, they will bounce less, stay longer and return more often. Web site apps can connect to your database or even be tools that work for YOU in some way.

Website Maintenance

I provide routine and emergency updates to keep your website running right. Whatever you want to add, edit or delete I can get it done in short order. If you have a content management system such as Wordpress or Drupal, I can help keep those running safe and smoothly too.

APIs & 3rd Party Apps

Need the power of add-on apps or APIs from a provider? I work with and integrate any 3rd party program or API such as Wordpress, Big Commerce, Facebook API, PayPal, Google Gadgets, Constant Contact & more. If I don't already know it, I'll learn it to get the job done.

Website Security Services

There are hackers, spammers, thieves & others who are intent on harming your website, its users and your business in general. With some simple proactive steps, your exposure and risk can be minimized. Wordpress sites should pay extra attention because 83% of hacked sites run WP.