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Richard Dean Associates

Manufacturers' rep firm for the professional AV/MI markets

Redesigned the website, created custom content administration features for content editing and integrated their Facebook feed.


Manufacturer of quality commercial rooftop HVAC accessories

Redesigned the site, improved database efficiency and admin maintenance, greatly increased overall web site speed.

I have decades of experience developing websites in PHP, HTML, JavaScipt and CSS for every type of client imaginable. Most of my work comes from these areas: Boston, Massachusetts, Portsmouth to Manchester, New Hampshire, and Portland, Maine but I have regular clients as far away as Oakland, California and for some reason, I've had a lot of customers from Cambridge and Newburyport, MA. I've worked in most industries including small business, e-commerce, B2B, manufacturing, defense, retail, restaurants, hotels, insurance, sales, high tech, banks, real estate, tourism, corporate, education, construction, municipal, finance, health, fashion, chemical, human resources & more.


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