Maine Web Design

Did you know that Maine is home to a thriving website development industry?

The state of Maine is home to several educational institutions that offer web design programs and has incentivized tech opportunities for businesses, which has helped to attract a growing number of Maine web design related organizations and companies.

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Maine offers a welcoming environment for web design professionals and businesses, with plenty of opportunities for growth and innovation and has much to offer in terms of education, government support, and industry expertise.

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    Who’s who in Maine web design and development?

    These are links to sites that provide information you will find useful if you’re on the hunt for education, government, business, statistics, and more.

    Visit these sites for information about web design in Maine:

    Top Web Design Schools

    Looking for an education in the web design and development field, right here in the great State of Maine? Top web design schools has gathered a list of degrees and certificates with details such as school and program information, tuition and cost details, prerequisites, credit hour requirements, accreditation, contact information and more.

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    Salary Info

    Wondering how much website jobs earn in Maine? Indeed has the answers. Their numbers show that full-time, W-2 web designers earn up-to a little over $68K per year, Web developers earn about $75K per year, and full-stack developers earn almost $84K per year. Designers earn above the national average, developers are at the average, and full-stack earns below.

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    Information Resource of Maine manages the official state and agency websites with a focus on users’ needs and accessibility. Builds applications that interface public government information to the public. Provides enterprise tools and resources for state agencies, technical support and consultation, and delivers eGovernment marketing.

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    Maine Tech News

    TechMaine began as The Maine Software Developers Association and offers an open platform to promote activities, events, news, and resources that support Maine’s technology community. Their news section provides headlines and links to technology news headlines from across Maine, including news about websites and those who make them.

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    Borderline Digital

    Aroostook County agency, Borderline Digital, has been around since the 1990s and appears to be a family run business. They offer web development, website, email & data hosting, and domain registration services. They are branching off into photography, branding and social media management. They are based way up north, in Presque Isle, ME.

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    If you’re looking for a web design firm in the Bangor, Maine area with decades of experience, Sephone looks to be an excellent choice. Their website lists web applications, brochure websites, mobile, Software as a Service, and ecommerce as their specialties. Look for their contact info and extensive portfolio of web design projects.

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    Krack Media

    Mechanic Falls is home to a gem of an agency, Krack Media. Their WordPress site is very interesting and shows off their skills and work. According to their About page, like The Web Agent, they have been computer nerds going back to the 1980s! Besides web design, they offer SEO, social media marketing, domain registration, SSLs & more.

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    Bryce Creative

    Bryce Creative is an award winning, full-service design firm located in Kittery, ME. Their website shows them to be a locally educated, two-person team and it lists their About Us info, Contact details and form and a portfolio of their web design projects for local and regional clients. View their web site to learn more about this Southern Maine web design business.

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    The Web Agent is the smart choice for a website in Maine.


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    When your site is launched, I stand by, ready to help you maintain and update your site, gain more traffic, and keep your customers safe.

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