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Content development involves creating text, images, videos and other features that are relevant and useful to your target audience.

Effective website content should be relevant, organized, clear and concise, engaging, optimized for search engines, valuable, and shareable. This is much easier said than done but don’t be intimidated. I’ll work with you closely to make sure you have just that, great content.

Consider your target audience, conduct keyword research, look at your competitors, stay up-to-date, answer common questions, and provide value.

This will help you create content that resonates with your online audience and achieves your business goals. Many make the mistake of providing content they think is important without ever considering what other people might think is important. I’m always amazed at how differently others use a site compared to how I do. Everyone’s different, I guess. The point is, know your audience and competitors!

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    Tips For Creating Great Content

    Before making new content, carefully consider your target audience so you understand their needs and interests. Think about the questions they may have about your industry or products or services, and create unique, useful content that answers those questions.

    Then, create content that is clear, concise, and easy to read, and really resonates with them. It’s even better if the content gives users a reason to return to your site. Repeat visitors build trust in your site and brand which influences everything from user engagement to search engine rankings the success of your online presence.

    Keyword research helps you identify topics that are popular and relevant to your target audience. See what your competitors are writing about and find ways to differentiate your own content. Look for gaps in the their sites and fill them with your own content.

    Create content that looks good on all browsers, devices and screen sizes. Test your content on various devices to ensure it’s responsive and maintains its formatting consistently. Before publishing, be sure to thoroughly proofread and edit your content for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.

    Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and headings to break up text. Proper page structure for content improves readability and organization. Incorporate hyperlinks strategically, ensuring they are relevant and provide real value to the reader. Compress image file size and use alt text for accessibility.

    If your content includes videos or other multimedia elements, ensure they are well-optimized for web viewing. Use video hosting platforms like YouTube or Vimeo for better performance. Give users more options instead of forcing them to do things your way.

    Great website content is hard to produce.
    I’m here to help!