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A Very Brief About Me

What do you know... someone actually cares who I am. I'll do my best to talk about myself without sounding arrogant or worse, old.

I may not be the most interesting person on the planet, but I do have interests and hobbies beyond websites. I'm into genealogy research, playing classic rock on guitar, gardening, fishing, and the business side of baseball. I have an antique set of engineering and drafting tools that I like to look at even though I have no idea what any of it is used for. Pretty dull, huh? That's exactly how I like it.

On the home front, I'm the father of three adult children, and I have two sweet Chihuahuas and a cat named Boss. My small office is located inside a renovated lobster trap shop, in Kennebunkport, Maine right next to the coast.

So, if it turns out you really don't give a damn about who I am...

And you just want to talk about your project, call or text me at (207) 337-0313.

I love nature and animals seem to love me. This chipmunk eats right out of my hand. Now his friend has caught on and wants in on the action too.

What next?

Call or text Del at (207) 337-0313 to discuss your needs. No pressure. No obligation.