21+ years experience

So how do I do it?

Adaptability! The concepts that worked in 1998 are still relevant in today's world, but the delivery mechanisms are very different. Everything is bigger, faster and more integrated than ever before; trends I helped develop over the last couple decades.

My primary tools are PHP/MySql, Restful APIs, JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap (& Creative Tim), HTML5/CSS3, and sometimes 'Y' - I mean 'Wordpress'.

Website Developers I Often Replace

  • Wordpress people who only know how to do Wordpress sites
  • Big city companies who never have time to call back the little guy
  • Recent college graduates who bit off more than they could chew
  • Multiple-hat-wearers who would prefer to stick to their job description
  • The neighbor's whiz kid, when he's not grounded from the Internet
  • Some developer from overseas that nobody can understand

My most recent project was an HTML5 Canvas community art project that was one of the most unique projects I've ever encountered. It tested my technical skills as a developer and was very interesting to create. I also redesigned a manufacturing company website and database. This exercise increased their database efficiency which improved overall web site speed and reduced Admin efforts by 90%. Traffic has doubled and visitors are spending 300% more time on the site. I just finished redesigning a website and added new database administration features for a musical product distributor. Up next is a redesign and admin upgrade for a Masonic Lodge and consolidation of two chemical company websites and their database administrators. On-going is a slick new social media platform and a family tree app that are easier and faster than similar sites.

About Del

I'm an old school nerd and proud of it. I got my start with PCs on a TRS-80 when I was very young and the first app I ever made was a random number generator created on my Commodore VIC-20 in the 4th grade in about 1983. I sold 'lotto' guesses to my classmates until I learned the hard way that type of thing was frowned upon by the administration. Nowadays, I like making useful, fun, interesting - and legal - components for websites.

In my spare time (What's that?!?) I play and record music, I fix broken guitars, I read really old newspapers, I maintain a vegetable garden, I've invented a couple useless gadgets, and I watch the Red Sox. I have a Chihuahua and two cats who don't like me doing anything that doesn't involve one of them sleeping in my lap. Don't laugh, it's all much more fun than it sounds!

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