The Web Agent

Expert-level design, development, coding and troubleshooting of PHP/MySql and JavaScript websites & apps. With 21 years of experience, yes, I can fix any problem you might have.

Please call 207) 204-0908 for help. I don't have a secretary so if I don't pick up, I'm probably obliviously coding with my phone ringer off so leave me a message! Located in Kennebunkport, Maine, USA.


I guess I must be a developer at heart. The first app I ever made was a random number generator created on my VIC 20 in the 4th grade in about 1983. I sold 'lotto' guesses to my classmates until I learned the hard way that type of thing was frowned upon by the administration. Nowadays, I like making useful, fun and interesting - and legal :) - components for websites.

My most recent project was an HTML5 Canvas community art project built with PHP/MySql & some heavy-duty JavaScript. I'm currently working on a family tree app that is much easier and faster than any similar site out there; Big dogs in the industry - take notice. My work is split almost evenly between my own clients and projects that other agencies sub-contract to me.

In my spare time (What's that?!?) I play and record music, I read really old newspapers, and I maintain a vegetable garden. Don't laugh, it's much more fun than it sounds!