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Expert-level design, development and troubleshooting of complex PHP/MySql and JavaScript websites & apps at a reasonable price and turnaround time. After 21 years of experience on a thousand or so sites, I can likely fix any problem you have.

If you just need someone to do what he says he can do, call Del at (207) 204-0908 or submit the contact form below. Keep in mind, I'm located in Kennebunkport, Maine, USA and available to assist you during normal business hours unless we have previously scheduled an appointment for after-hours.

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I guess I must be a developer at heart. The first app I ever made was a random number generator created on my VIC 20 in the 4th grade in about 1983. I sold 'lotto' guesses to my classmates until I learned the hard way that type of thing was frowned upon by the administration. Nowadays, I like making useful, fun and interesting - and legal - components for websites.

My most recent project was an HTML5 Canvas community art project built with PHP/MySql & some heavy-duty JavaScript. This was one of the most unique projects I've ever encountered so it tested my technical skills and was very interesting to create. Over the last few months, I also redesigned a manufacturing company website and database and that exercise reduced their database size by 90%, by rearranging some data and removing redundancies. This greatly increased overall web site speed and Admin efficiency. Their traffic has doubled and visitors are spending 300% more time on the site. These days, I'm working on a slick new social media platform and a family tree app that are easier and faster than any similar sites out there. Up next this autumn is a complete web site overhaul for a product distributor.

My time is split pretty evenly between my own clients and projects that other web design agencies sub-contract to me. Most of my work comes from these areas: Boston, Massachusetts, Portsmouth to Manchester, New Hampshire, and Portland, Maine but I have regular clients as far away as Oakland, California. I've worked in most industries including e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, hotels, high tech, banks, real estate, tourism, corporate, education, municipal, fashion & many more.

In my spare time (What's that?!?) I play and record music, I fix broken guitars, I read really old newspapers, I maintain a vegetable garden, I've invented a couple useless gadgets, and I watch the Red Sox. I have a Chihuahua and two cats who don't like me doing anything that doesn't involve one of them sleeping in my lap. Don't laugh, it's all much more fun than it sounds!

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